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by Miimaas
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Here are some more quotes for this update:


I accept your apology, but I don't forgive you. Forgiveness is to be earned through effort, not guilt.


Every success started with a try.


A well thought out story is the best story


Hospitals are the nests to which good people flock. 


Contrary to popular belief, you don't need hope to survive. Just a little grit and an unwillingness to believe this is it.


You can try to put out the fires of Hell with the fountain of youth, but one will still last forever.


What you've done is never forgotten, but forgiveness can be earned by proving you’ve learned.


'Evil' is the only way to get what you want in this world 


Evil is the easiest way to get what you want now. Dedication is the best way to get what you’ve always wanted.


There is one thing life is good at; Creating pain. There is always more to be felt. But there is one thing we are good at. Using it to grow.


Like a tree, even if our limbs are sawed off, we keep on growing.


Hate isn’t the opposite of Love. Hate is a phase of care, with a lack of understanding. Indifference is the opposite of both.


Why kill the king when you can seize the kingdom


You would face your worst fears, even become them to protect what you care about. It’s the human superpower.


Life is cruel, but death is kind.


Life is tough but that’s because easy mode isn’t fun anymore.


Fair is for fools


The absence of something can tell you just as much as it’s presence.


Words are the skeleton key to endless locks.


Learn how to speak, and you shall learn how to see.


There are no hypotheticals in this world. Only what has been done, and what has yet to be done. 


If you don’t lead the way, expect to be lead astray.


Doesn't matter if you're good or bad. Only thing that matters is which side you fight for.


Never warn, never threaten. Let it be a surprise.


I don't do things to make people happy. I make people happy so they'll stay with me.


No amount of being told to love who I am will fix my problems because it's not who I am that's the problem.


The mundane will be the end of us all.


We’re all living to death anyway, I’d rather not waste energy on things that don’t really matter.


Playing a game of dodge with death.


We’re all living to death, I see no reason to be too concerned about things that aren’t going to kill you sooner.


If you can’t laugh at misery, you’re missing out.


If you beat fate, you weren’t fighting fate.


People will do anything to keep their dirty laundry in the basket.


The only straight thing about me is that I'm going straight back to sleep.


Believe what you need to, until you know the truth.


The simplest way to improve your life, is to be less willing to hurt yourself. Especially for the sake of others.


Survival above pride.


Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that you don't need to be medicated.


It’s hard not to criticize the behavior of others, especially for those you care about. Affirmations are cheesy but they’re magic in the right context. Criticism doesn’t help someone change, encouragement does. Encourage strength, resilience, persistence and you will witness change for the better.


Life is like a series of acts. The curtain’s gotta come down on all of them at some point so the next can begin.


Getting deep is good but if you’re deep for too long you’re gonna drown. So when you feel like you’re drowning, lightweight fun is most important to keep you afloat.


Not everything has to mean something. Most of the time, the point is that it doesn’t mean anything.


It makes me sad that they’re gone but I got to know them while all those little atoms were in that unique order. You know how rare it actually is for all of those atoms to align just like that and to get to see it? It’s like witnessing the end of a star. I can’t be upset about getting to experience that. And they aren’t gone, all those atoms are still here, hanging around and becoming a part of other things.


Don’t worry, it gets better. Every year we’re a little less ignorant, the world changes a little more, there’s a little less bad and little more good maybe not for you specifically but for everyone out there.


It’s more fun watching flowers bloom than worrying about weeds trying to suffocate it.


Don’t get so caught up in the flower that you ignore the weeds, but don’t get so bogged down in the weeds that you forget to admire the flower.


You don’t stop doing things just because you get older. You stop doing things when you lose interest.


Nothing is really pleasant. There's a reason it's called pick your poison.


You know what the best part about a dark sky is? There’s always a star to be found.


There’s a difference between drama and trauma. The hard part is not mistaking one for the other.


The only time I’m not a genius is when I’m a dumbass.


When you can't put it back together, build something new out of the pieces.


Clarity is lost in a sea of too many thoughts.


The beating heart of all stories is painting a picture.


Attack and gain life experience.


You know you’ve got a problem when you look into a bottle of painkillers and smile like you’ve found salvation.


I came here to escape reality, not have it thrown back in my face at every turn.


Struggling does not mean I’m losing.


Your body is not meant for aesthetics, it's meant to be lived in.          —My Best friend


Depression is like passing out. You don’t get a choice. And yeah there are things you can do to make it better or easier, like laying down if you feel it coming, or covering your floors in thick foam mats so it doesn’t hurt as much when it happens, but if you’re gonna pass out, you’re gonna pass out. There’s not much you personally can do about it. That’s why you need help. So that if you pass out on a concrete floor, someone can call an ambulance or in an ideal scenario, at least try to catch you before you split your skull open and require medical attention.


Different people will have different judgements about the same person. And it's not wrong to trust your own judgement.

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