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Writing Tips 35 - How I do my editing


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My editing method is pretty simple. I do all my writing in Google docs because it's convenient for switching between all of my devices and doesn't take up space on my computer, but I use both the free version of Grammarly (which has a google chrome extension which makes it convenient), and sometimes Microsoft word as well because Grammarly can catch most of the obvious mistakes and office is better at catching and suggesting the sentences that sound weird.

One of the annoying things about Grammarly though is that if the document gets too big/long (for me it usually happens around page 26), it will crash it and then you can't use it, but when you're doing editing, moving the chapter out into either a new document or into the place you're going to post it (like Ao3 or Wattpad), it's pretty easy to make the proofread edits there.

Editing is time-consuming, but the method is fairly simple. It's basically just reading over your chapters after you've written them and stepped away for a while so that you can see mistakes that you missed before.

Also, never underestimate the usefulness of a beta-reader and/or editor that is not yourself lol.

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