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Writing Tips 4 - Grasping a Scene


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Write your scenes like movie scenes.  Scenes can be difficult without a clear picture, but visual storytelling tricks can be incredibly helpful for writing.

Try to picture your scenes as if it was a movie and take your time to think about the layout of the area. What sort of things are nearby, how dark or bright it is, what colors  stand out the most and the subtler ones that accent, what the weather's like (if any), what the place/room feels like i.e if it's stuffy, cold, has a warm feeling, welcoming, tense, etc.

It doesn't have to be too complicated, you can settle for the basic details of a scene and add details as you go when they become relevant.

Once you've got the scenery down in your head or in your notes somewhere, you can put your characters or items of interest in it (if they weren't already there) and then shout "Action" lol.

From here, you play out your scene and every time the "frame" (as if it were a movie) changes, start a new paragraph. Especially if there's a perspective shift, or someone else has started speaking.

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