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Writing Tips 27 - 9 Practices for Writing Books


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This is specifically for people who aren't writing for just fun or as a hobby. Of course, if you want to be very good at writing, these are great practices, but if you have no intention to publish your work with profit in mind (even if it's just something like Ko-Fis), then these won't be very useful to you.

1) Write 50 words. That's a paragraph.

2) Write 400 words. That's a page.

3) Write 300 pages. That's a manuscript.

4) Write every day. That's a habit.

5)  Edit and rewrite. That's how you get better by reviewing what you wrote and catching mistakes.

6) Spread your writing for people to comment. That's called feedback and is sometimes the only way to figure out how to bring your writing to the next level.

7) Don't worry about rejection or publication. That's a writer. You're here to tell a story and as long as you're doing that, you're succeeding.

8) When not writing, read. Read from writers better than you. Read stories that you want to be able to write. Read and perceive; read it over and over until you figure out what the author did that made you like that part so much.

9) Identify your own weakness. Recognize your mistakes and what you're prone to and find out how to fix them. Whether that's googling how to write something, or asking someone, or a combination of the two.

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