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Writing Tips 24 - Imagination: What you see & how to enhance the clarity


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Sorry, it's been a busy few weeks so this month's tip is short and sweet.

Your imagination is a fuzzy thing. It works in blurry, vague images, and doesn't bother with the details. That's why it's both important and helpful to think about details when you're trying to describe things. Getting down the details and making mental -- or physical -- notes about what you're "seeing" can help bring the image to life and make it feel less like your imagination and more like you're recounting an experience. It will have a much more vivid feeling. On the flip side, you don't wanna overdo it. Don't worry too much about your readers picturing the exact same scene you have in your head because no matter how well you describe something unless you show someone an actual picture, you will always picture it differently, and that's ok. That's part of the magic of reading.

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