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Writing Tips 19 - One Two Three.


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Figure out what you want to happen, then how you want it to happen, and then write it.

A relatively simple complex, but simple doesn't always mean easy.

Start with what: I want the protagonist the crown prince to get poisoned.

Then the how: A series of questions for myself later and I've figured out that I want the head eunuch to poison him through the warding incense burner in his private bed chamber.

Fill the space with these things until you got your chapter plotted: [The eunuch puts the poison in the incense burner]

and finish with the actual writing: The man draped in the head eunuch robes that he's worn for the last 15 years, slowly poured a deep green powder like sand from the red pouch into the gold phoenix-encrusted incense burner that's sat in this room longer than this foolish prince has been alive; belonging to him and every crude emperor before him.

The actual writing part gets better as you do, but even if your writing isn't the best, planning what you want to happen first will improve the story, which will in turn improve your writing as you progress. So don't worry too much during your planning stages, as long as you have your end goal, and focus on what you want to happen each chapter that gets you closer at a pace you want then you can get excited about what's gonna happen each chapter and it will make actually writing the chapters significantly easier and faster.

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