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Writing Tips 16 - When in Doubt, Look It Up


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Possibly the best anybody can give you, and the only one you can't go without, is don't be afraid to look things up. Not just how much blood a person can lose before passing out or dying, but anything and everything that you don't know or aren't sure about. If it's important, look it up and find out.

Need a different word for anger? Look up "Synonyms for anger" or use these websites:

Don't know how a cement truck works? Google "How does a cement truck work".

Aren't super clear on when to use a comma or a semicolon, or aren't sure how to write a specific scene? Look up how, and don't mind your search history. It's a long running joke in the writing community that we're not serial killers, we're just writers; so hop on the bandwagon and dive in, you have nothing to be ashamed of and bonus points if someone actually sees your search history and gives you the most profound 'wtf I'm concerned and slightly terrified' face in history.

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