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Writing Tips 9 (II) - World Building


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World building is one of the tallest tasks of writing but it's the foundation of your story house. The better your world building, the taller your house can be until you've got a wizard's tower that's scraping the top of the atmosphere.

Unfortunately I myself don't have many personal tips and tricks at present for world building, so instead I'm going to share some links to some of my favorite free articles and lessons, as well as a list of things to consider when building.

This first one is my top recommendation, it's very easy to understand:

A few world building elements to consider:

1. Technology

2. Religion

3. Climate

4. Nature

5. Politics

6. Economy

7. Architecture

8. History

9. Culture

10. Magic & Science

11. Food ; sources and types ; diets of the native people

12. Regions on the planet ; Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern

13. Manners & Taboos ; greetings, displays of respect, insults

14. Fashion and dress ; will be greatly influence by climate, culture, and resources

15. Common vs Luxury ; harder to acquire materials will result in higher values

16. Education ; how do they teach? More scholarly or more personal experience orientated

17. Daily life

18. Calendar ; how long are the days & nights, how do they chronicle the passage of time? By counting moon cycles, seasons, clocks, solar position and astrology, etc.

19. Medicine

20. Transportation & Communication.


That's it for today,

Happy writing!

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