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by Miimaas
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Let's kick this off with some quotes:

Science is the study of magic.


Distinguish your dreams from your dream job. Because you are more than just your work.


There are things I do for you, and there are things I do for me. You don’t have a say in either, and neither will be compromised for the other unless you’re disrespectful to me.


The best vengeance is the one that comes with no warning.


You want something? Take it, or it'll be taken from you. And if it is, move on with pride because you tried your damnedest. Someone else just got lucky.


Luck is created by opening as many doors as possible and inviting yourself in.


You’re never going to be the best at anything out of billions of people, and that goes for them too. What matters is that you try your best. No one can be better at your best than you. And besides, if only one person was the best amazing content would be the scarcest resource on the planet, don’t ya think?


I don't need to care about the past, I have the future to step to.


If someone's picking a fight with you, nice guy rules are off the table. Kick their ass for behaving like that, and remind them it takes a whole lot of effort to be kind. Effort you're not gonna waste on ppl who pick fights. Same goes for intelligence & mental fights. Shut that shit down and salt that earth before it has a chance to take root.


Everyone deserves second chances, but not thirds, and not for the same mistakes. Because once is a mistake, twice is a moment of weakness, and a third is deliberate.


Someone with talent who puts little effort in, will never surpass someone without talent who puts in much.


You know, cousins are like siblings you don't share parents with.  

(So when your friends start to feel like siblings, you're pretty much related. lol)


When life is shit, turn the music up and scream along.


Focus on making yourself respectful and a listener, and no matter who you are, what you think or believe, where you come from or what your life is like, and you will find harmony.

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